Monday 30/06/14: The Beginning of a Great Adventure

Hello guys! We are really really sorry for taking so long to start the blogging process! It’s not our fault. We promise! We’ve been impaired by two very legit problems, we either: 1) Had too much fun; or; 2) Had no Internet. Right now we’re in the train and we are having a decent amount of fun, but not that much that it would actually stop us from writing. However, there’s still no Internet so who knows when these words will be read…


Owlette posing with the nearly life-size carving in Narvik.

In any case, we should get started now because there’s an awful lotta things to tell you all! But let us begin with the beginning of our voyage, namely, the tricky business of actually getting to the United States of America.

We started out Monday June 30th. An early morning rise for an early morning bus to Good’Ol Narvik. The weather was just perfect and we got there in no time (as long as you consider four hours to be no time). Once there we had some free time and decided to meander in the North of the city where an age-old Stone Age carving is exposed…

The way there was supposed to be quite straightforward: go onto Road 1, cross to Road 2 and continue on to Road 3 for 37 seconds and you should be there all right. But because we are strange creatures we decided to cross through the forested park and got lost on the side of a super high cliff!!! We eventually managed to get down in one piece each but we were already damn tired and it took an additional ten minutes to locate the actual inscription after that.

Linnea and Owlette board the train bound for Stockholm!

Linnea and Owlette board the train bound for Stockholm!

The stone carving was finally found, you can see it here with Owlette, our travel-companion Owl. The carving is quite huge: about the size of a real life Moose and left alone, stranded in the middle of the city (this carving is actually the only stone carving in the world that lies in any city proper).

Once we saw our carving we went back to the station and took our train to Stockholm. Our wagon-mates were three rather nice and talkative (in a good way) Swedes that had spent their vacations up North in Swedish Lapland hiking in the fells. One of them was particularly cute: A young school teacher who was out bird-watching for days with the largest pair of googles I ever saw. All in all, he and the others were very nice company and we slept well, albeit Linnea complained the wagon smelled a bit too much of foul men.


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