My interest in writing started years ago in elementary school when I took up a pen and wrote short articles in Swedish for the magazine Skåldö Bladet which was published every summer on the island where I grew up. Skåldö Bladet was a chance for the local children to do something constructive after school and produce a magazine that the tourists could buy. The money earned from selling the magazine went to fund a trip for all of the kids. I will admit that the trips were usually more of a draw than the actual writing, but at the same time we got to practice journalistic techniques such as how to come up with a story, do research, and complete an interview.

During upper secondary school I branched out into poetry and spent most of my free time doing play-by-post roleplay on a variety of websites. It wasn’t until high school that I returned to journalism. A friend of mine and I decided to revive the school newspaper, which had been dormant for several years. We only succeeded in publishing a couple of issues, since our reporters were always too busy with tests and homework to deliver articles. But it refreshed my interest and in the second year of college I decided to take a minor in journalism.

Following basic studies in journalism at the Swedish School of Social Science in Helsinki, Finland I studied abroad at the University of Tromsø 2009-2010. During this time I began writing for the student newspaper Utropia. The majority of my articles were in English but I also wrote some in Swedish. I also assisted with photography when necessary.

Using my portfolio compiled during my time at Utropia I was given a summer job at a small Swedish language paper Västra Nyland which is published in southern Finland. I went on to work for Västra Nyland also part-time during the fall and winter of 2010 and also worked during the summer season 2011. During the spring and summer of 2011 I also wrote two freelance pieces for a Swedish-language biology publication called Finlands Natur.

In autumn 2011 I was employed as Information Officer at the Arctic Council. Some of my tasks there include producing website articles, newsletters, press releases, presentations and other communication and outreach material.


Music reviews written during the period 2013-2014 for Utropia, the Student newspaper at the University of Tromsø, Norway.

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Back to the party with Violet Road (English)
Soft-spoken Brits played mellow songs of doom and gloom (English)
The Self-proclaimed fathers of punk rock (English)
The Hives fikk Bukta til å bøye seg (Swedish translated to Norwegian)
Allsang med CC Cowboys startet fredagen på Bukta (Swedish translated to Norwegian)
Kaizers Orchestra – kanskje bedre før (Swedish translated to Norwegian)
Nytt band, ny frisyre, ingen nye hits (Swedish translated to Norwegian)
Truly danceable French gypsy music (English)
Raging anarchist punk rock from Scotland (English)
Music with meaning at Karlsøyfestivalen (English)

Articles written during the period 2010-2011 for the Swedish-language daily newspaper Västra Nyland.

BistroOMat article (Swedish)
Breakdance front page (Swedish)
Breakdance article (Swedish)
Brenner Landstigning I (Swedish)
Brenner Landstigning II (Swedish)
ECC front page (Swedish)
ECC article (Swedish)
History feature Sunday special I (Swedish)
History feature Sunday special II (Swedish)
Kopparö special (Swedish)
NBG I (Swedish)
NBG II (Swedish)
Ramadan article (Swedish)
Rats at Rasebo article I (Swedish)
Rats at Rasebo article II (Swedish)

Articles written in 2011 for the Swedish-language biology publication Finlands Natur.

Phosphorus article (Swedish)
Field course in Northern Norway article (Swedish)