On the Go !

Well, it’s 14,11 and the bus to Narvik will depart in one hour and 49 minutes. There has been lots of packing, cleaning, and a bit of stressing done, but I’d say that everything is kinda under control now.

We will be taking the bus to Narvik, staying somewhere there (probably the train station) for the night and take the 20 hour train ride to Stockholm. After that, there should be Køpenhamn, and this weirdly named village in North-Jyland where we will take the ferry to Iceland passing through Færøyar.

We will then take a couple of busses to Akureyri and then rent a car for three days in order to reach the Westfjords (Isafjordur to be more precise). There will then be one week of Icelandic courses and one day of bus/ferry/bus and then we’ll be in Reykjavik (if we survived all of the above of course).

Expect daily somethinges and pictures (courtesy of Linnea) starting Monday. Because we don’t have any pictures yet, here is a cute picture of a sheep (taken by myself). Ha det så trävligt.

Linnea and a happy goat



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