About me

Portrait of Linnea, smiling girl with reddish-blond, blue eyes and freckles, with flowers in backgrou
Photo: Lyonel Perabo

My original hometown is Seattle, WA but I grew up mostly in PA until I moved to Finland in 8th grade to attend school. This was possible because I am bi-lingual and fluent in both Swedish and English. I continued to live in Finland until 2011.


I have a BSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a minor in Media and Communication from the University of Helsinki. During the 2009-2010 academic year I studied abroad in Tromsø, Norway. Since 2017 I have a MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement from the University of Edinburgh

Current work

Since November 2018 I have been working at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, at the University Library. I am the Team leader of the Communications Group where I manage a team of more than 30 people working at 11 different libraries. My main focus is to continue to develop onsite library services such as the quality of service offered in the information desks and work spaces in the libraries. I am also in charge of improving the website, developing social media strategies, and promoting and developing other digital services so that students and teachers have the best possible access to resources and information

I also offer freelance website design, logo design, photography and content writing services through my company Linnea Borealis Design.

Past work

From 2011-2018 I worked for the Arctic Council Secretariat (ACS) in Tromsø, Norway. At the ACS my main tasks were to design, update, and maintain the Arctic Council main website as well as the Open Access Archive and several other smaller websites. I was also involved in other communications activities such as event coordination, social media management, photography, and graphic design.

Before moving to Norway I helped my father with Henrik’s Garden, his small organic market garden which is located on an island in the archipelago outside Ekenäs, Finland. I also worked as a journalist for a local Swedish daily paper called Västra Nyland and as a substitute teacher in chemistry for students aged 13-18.

My career plan has always been to work within the field of scientific communication, both in terms of writing educational material and designing websites and apps as teaching tools.


During my free time my hobbies include long distance running, horse-back riding, photography, hanging out with my cat, gardening, cooking, and reading. I also volunteer with WordPress Meetup Tromsø, WordCamp Nordic and Tromsø Dyrebeskyttelsen.

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Contact information

Residence: Tromsø, Norway

E-mail: contact@linneanordstrom.com

Social media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snowyowl88

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LinneaAFN

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/linnea.afn/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/linnea-nordstr%C3%B6m-60b97027/